Thursday, December 24, 2015



The resounding exclamation of an ordinary man
heading from misery to a harder measure of anguish
to purchase the nations highly priced fluids
they had missed him, missed this struggling man

it was the season when blood smelt like honey
paused daily routines, to secure the nations highly priced fluid
then they beckoned
sent a careless boy
placed him ahead of his ancient cab
the means by which he ate

back to sender!
came the loud words as he sent his own fluid
thick and white against the shirt of the nonchalant boy
he hoped it penetrated the cotton fabrics
he hoped the evil men back home could see
he was not coming home

A peaceful living he had missed, chasing naira notes desperately on a Christmas eve
by the precious blood of Jesus he had missed the careless boy
the evil men had failed on both sides
as his rickety thing obeyed his bare feet against the brake pads
and the boy safe on the other lane
not coming home