Friday, January 25, 2013


I did not fall in love with Yemi because he promised me the whole world. Whenever I walked along the street he was there, on occasions. Our first stares grew into first words, first words ripened to a first visit and here my story begins. I am Adiba, calm and easy going. My albino skin is 19years old and my brown eyes does not make me prettier and for this cause people would rather keep their distance. When Yemi tells me I'm beautiful, my head sparks and there is a shocking sensation in my bones because for him only, I am dark. Ordinarily, I should cry but I can't for all the tears I should shed now had dried up in my childhood where several humiliating and isolating experiences lay. I did not cry. I looked straight in his eyes and he said it again this time with a depth of sincerity in his voice that hastened lip locking and before one could say jack, I had toured that filthy path that made me forget Sunday school lessons. Soon, the remorse I had felt each time I left Yemi's was history and all I could do was yearn for more moments with the only man that didn't see the awkward colour of my skin. I had learnt to love him, to trust every word he said. If the whole world would not associate with me; knowing Yemi cared made me care less. Everything seemed perfect till one beautiful morning. One morning just like the others something changed, with me precisely a lot of things I could not comprehend. Days later, the nurse told me I had acquired the dreaded disease (HIV) and if I regularly took the necessary drugs, I may live longer but if not death was near, but before I die if I had to; my mother would kill me for there was no place to go, no where else to watch this belly of mine grow since she was all I had and Yemi for whom I was beautiful and dark, I lately repelled.........