Thursday, September 4, 2014

Somehow my conversations seem inchoate with an unfamiliar person until I have said something about Christ. Months ago, I was sitting next to this dark, tall and huge lad in a popular public place. He needed one of my items and I handed it over to him , notifying him on where he could drop it after use owing to the fact that I had to leave. One sunny afternoon, I had set about my activity in the largest hall in the vicinity and the same figure I had seen earlier strode into the hall securing a space two seats ahead of mine. In some minutes, he reached for the rusty fan regulators and just then he realized I was there. We got talking for awhile and I asked, 'so what church do you attend?' He smiled, flashing a flawless dentition. 'Why do you ask?' He said. I just want to know. Then he shook his head and said, 'I'm not a christian.'. 'Ok.'. Don't tell me you are a christian, he said with such countenance revealing surprise and suspended disappointment. 'I am. Yes, I'm a christian', I said firmly yet in a gentle tone. 'You don't mean it. No! You are too kind to be a Christian,'he said. We spoke for a while and he narrated the ordeal that had spurred his last statement and he concluded, saying he needed genuine convictions(by attending a church and SEEING reasons why he should embrace christianity again after all his experience). I spoke for minutes trying to convince him, depositing some facts I wanted him to ponder on in my absence. The point is, I had just done a little favour, to think that someone considered it too much for a christian to do only shows a possible perception of christians by some other persons too... Therefore we must be CHRISTLIKE, "let others see JESUS IN US" let our words and actions speak ALWAYS.